Professional Life

Aaron Rover is a visual effects professional currently residing in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  He specializes in CG modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering, compositing, and on-set VFX supervision.  From 2009 - 2013 he studied animation and visual effects at the University of Southern California's school of Cinematic Arts.  This afforded him the unique opportunity to collaborate with production students on numerous films, answering all VFX needs from physical production through post.  Aaron plans to continue his work in visual effects and eventually supervise on-set for feature film.

Personal Story

Born on the island of Manhattan, but raised in South Burlington, Vermont, Aaron grew up with freezing temperatures and mountains of drifting snow 9 months out of every year.  Besides school and hockey, Aaron spent a lot of his time watching movies.  Sci-fi and fantasy were his genres of choice; "The Matrix" as a personal favorite.  Besides the films themselves, the "behind the scenes" and "making-of" special features included with the dvds served as an ever-growing source of wonder and curiosity.  Together with his friends and his parent's camcorder, he started shooting short films (mostly fight scenes), always trying to recreate the effects he saw in from the dvds.  After receiving his first dose of cg animation in his high school's technology department, Aaron immediately knew he could do nothing else with his life.  He created his first fully-CG short film, "One Light," in his junior year in high school and has perusing animation and visual effects as a career ever since.